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Welcome to Castleton!

Castletons origins go back to 1973, and was situated next door to the current location, in the dentist’s home. After 25 years of service to the community, our predecessor retired, and so in 1998 Peter took over the practice.

 We are now a GBT certified practice!

We are now offering the latest technology in Dental Hygiene as we offer the EMS airflow technology. GBT stands for “Guided Biofilm Therapy”. This process includes using a disclosing tablet on the teeth, enabling the hygienists to advise and aid the areas of brushing you can improve on, following with new, state-of-the-art technology from Switzerland that uses a combination of air, powder and water which essentially jet washes the teeth (EMS Airflow technology). The process can also involve ultrasonic scaling and hand scaling in order to receive the highest quality dental clean. To find out more about GBT, please click here…

In Demand Services

Here at Castleton, we offer highly sought after services including Invisalign, composite bonding, implants, Airflow hygiene treatments (GBT), and many more.

Latest Innovative Technology

Our new iTero scanner, originated in San Jose, California, is our latest technological advancement in the practice. This method enables us to minimise patient discomfort by almost eliminating the need for impressions, unlike previous technologies. This time-saving and safe process, enables you to see your digital dental images.

The Best Qualified Team

Every member of the team here at Castleton, including our receptionists, are fully qualified and registered with the General Dental Council, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your dental journey.

Our Treatments

General Checkups

 Dental Implants


Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Orthodontic Care

Why Choose Us?


Here at Castleton Dental, we pride ourselves on clinical efficiency and knowledge, enabling all patients’ to have a comfortable and stress-free experience with every visit.


No matter the appointment, whether it be a routine checkup, hygiene appointment or as part of a detailed treatment plan, each and every visit to Castleton Dental will be personally tailored to your every need and requirement.


We are proud of the growth at Castleton, this is reflected in our online reviews, and ongoing word of mouth recommendations which is how the majority of our patients’ find us.

Meet the Dentists…

Peter Johnston & Lara Kriek

Dental Surgeons

Affordable Dental Care for Everyone

From as little as £28.95 per month, we offer an exclusive dental plan for our patients with a number of benefits to cover your routine dental maintenence.


x2 Checkup appointments (including intra-oral x-rays)


x2 Hygienist appointments


10% discount on general dentistry*

Become a Castleton Dental Member

Here at Castleton Dental Practice we offer a specialised dental plan called our Castleton Dental Membership (CDM). 


Have a read through our frequently asked questions and hopefully we can answer any queries you have prior to your visit with us. Alternatively, give us a call here at the practice on 01252 715576.

How do you deal with nervous patients?

We are able to accomodate our nervous patients by building a friendly and trustworthy rapport in calming surroundings. We like to work with our patients’ and encourage any relaxation methods they require (ie bringing headphones and listening to music). The practice has been routinely offering sedation in 2 forms for many years now, via nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or by IV sedation. This can be arranged on request.

What do I do in the case of a dental emergency?

As a Castleton patient, we reserve emegency space in our diary’s everyday specifically for patients’ who are experiencing pain or discomfort. During this appointment we work on alleviating your pain and provide you with the appropriate advice or treatment plan to proceed. Rest assured, if you needed us out of hours, on contacting the practice you gain access to an emergency advice scheme, so you are always covered.

What is our oral hygiene advice?

Generally our oral hygiene advice is to brush twice daily with an electric toothbrush and floss before brushing. This helps to remove soft plaque (also known as biofilm) before it has a chance to harden and become calculus. When your plaque is soft it is easy to remove with your toothbrush, but once it hardens, only we are able to remove that with our instruments in practice.

What do we advise for bad breath?

A common cause for bad breath is stagnating bacteria within the mouth this causes tooth decay and contributes to gum disease. It is crucial that oral hygiene is well maintained through brushing twice daily and interdental cleaning using interdental brushes and/or floss. Other factors can also contribute to bad breath these include smoking and bad oral hygiene and certain medications that cause dry mouth.

Do I have to have x-rays?

X-rays are a diagnostic tool for caries, bone levels and oral pathology. They are only taken when clinically necessary and with patients consent. Dental x-rays assist us to diagnose and enable us to provide the best treatment options going forward.

Why are my teeth sensitive? What can I do?

The reason for sensitivity can vary from person to person, these include brushing too hard / receding gums, loss of enamel / acid erosion, diet and caries (tooth decay). It can also be a sign of serious dental problems. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, please contact us on 01252 715576 as you need to see a dentist for advice.

I’ve been a patient with Castleton since 1988 and although the personnel has changed during that time the professionalism, friendliness and general care has remained reassuringly high. I value my dentist Matt very much as well as my terrific hygienist Andrea ( and their ‘teams’ ) and have long since shrugged off my old sense of foreboding when heading to the dentist. Highly recommended.

Bill Elliott

I always used to hate going to the dentist but a few years ago after moving house I switched to Castleton Dentist. Game changer! I am now not nervous at all and all the staff have always been absolutely brilliant. In particular, I have recently visited for the first time since the start of the pandemic and the practice was as efficient and well organised as ever. I felt absolutely safe and secure with the extra measures that the fantastic staff have put in place. I can’t recommend Castleton highly enough.

Liam O'Reilly

Extremely professional, friendly and caring team! I desperately needed an emergency appointment and managed to get an appointment only with Castleton ( went through all dental practice in Farnborough, Camberley, Farnham). Thank very much to Holly to help me to get the appointment. Thank so much to Dr Peter Johnston and his assistant to provide the excellent medical attention. Many thanks to you all!!! Highly recommend Castleton Dental Practice.

Nataliia Parkhomenko

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