Castleton Membership Plan

Affordable Dental Care

With regular dental checkups, it’s guaranteed that we will reduce the number of instances and extent of dental disease. It is also shown in research, there is a link between heart disease and oral health.

Joining one of our plans, should help encourage regular attendance, and it goes without saying that our plans help to spread the cost of dentistry.

Our different memberships range from our maintenance plan, to our full care plan (both outlined below). All plans includes intra-oral x-rays, emergency dental appointments and access to emergency dental care worldwide and much more.

*exclusions apply

Full Care Plan

The full care plan here at Castleton is offered to our patients who attend the practice regularly and is intended to offer peace of mind that their dental treatment is covered. There are countless benefits to joining our full care plan these include:

  • all routine dental treatment 
  • convenient payments by direct debit
  • early identification of dental problems to prevent pain
  • priority booking on general appointments
  • priority booking in the event of emergency
  • access to 24 hour dental helpline
  • starting from £41, speak to reception for more details

Maintenance Plan

The maintenance plan we offer here at Castleton is offered to our patients who attend the practice for preventative appointments. There are a number of benefits to joining our maintenance plan that include:

  • X2 examinations per annum
  • X2 hygienist appointment per annum
  • convenient payments by direct debit
  • priority booking in event of emergency
  • discounted treatment fees*
  • £30.50 per month

Having us on the other end of the phone with the peace of mind we will always be able to accomodate


Not having to worry about paying large bills every visit


Having access to an emergency dental helpline 24 hours a day, 364 days of the year.


Ability to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme

In Demand Services

Here are Castleton, we offer highly sought after services including invisalign, composite bonding, implants, Airflow hygiene treatments (GBT) and many more.

Latest Innovative Technology

Our new iTero scanner, originated in San Jose, California, is our latest technological advancement in practice. This method enables us to minimise patient discomfort by almost eliminating the need for impressions, unlike previous technologies. This time-saving and safe process, enables you to see your digital dental images.

Qualified Experts

Every member of the team here at Castleton, including our receptionists, are fully qualified and registered with the General Dental Council, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your dental journey.

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